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****UPDATE 11.3.2021****

Solicitude Wake-up is now also available at Oculus Quest store and you can choose to buy and download it straight from there too.  

PURCHASE FROM ITCH.IO OR OCULUS STORE DOES NOT INCLUDE BOTH ITCH.IO AND OCULUS STORE VERSIONS! This is due different platforms with both having own payment system. Game is the same from both, but decide which one to buy before PURCHASE. 

Link to Oculus Store:



Solicitude Wake-up takes you to seemingly abandoned research facility. You wake-up in a dark operating room, laying down on operating table. As you start finding your way out from the facility, you start to hear voices coming from other parts of the facility and face all kinds of disturbing things . Your only help is the flashlight, that you found from the room that you woke up, but unfortunately it is running out of batteries.

This game version is only compatible with Oculus Guest and Quest2.

Solicitude Wake-up tries to imitate the real world interactions as closely as possible, while still maintaining ease enough controls to make the experience smooth. Nearly every object in game is interactable in some way. You can pick up and examine almost any object in game. You really need to carry the flashlight in your hand by keeping grabbing it. You need to collect and change the batteries to the flashlight and you need to pick up and use the key cards to the door locks.

*****UPDATE 04.11.2020*****
Big changes have been made based on received user feedback.

All graphics content and lighting is now revised. Game is not so pitch black anymore and all textures, effects and post processing have been upgraded.
Game now features:
*Full realtime lighting
*Full realtime shadows
*Full screen space reflections
*Full screen space ambient occlusion
*Split toning
*Tone mapping
*HDR lighting
*Advanced materials and textures

Inventory is redesigned to accept direct grabbing also and not only distance grab.

Please continue to send feedback and we continue to listen to your thoughts in coming updates!


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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